Sir George Young: Into Parliament - "The Bicycling Baronet"

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 'The Bicycling Baronet'
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The Member for Acton

Sir George was elected to Parliament in February 1974 with a majority of 1300, defeating the sitting Labour MP, Nigel Spearing. Nigel returned in a by-election a few weeks later in Newham, and the two remained good friends until Nigel retired in 1992. Sir George held the seat against the swing in the following election in October 1974 with a majority of 808. He was the sixth MP for Acton - then a key marginal - in 15 years, but held the seat for 23 years until it was abolished.

After his election to Parliament in 1974, Sir George bicycled regularly from
Acton to Westminster. He could do the seven mile journey in less than 30 minutes,
going through Hyde Park and startling the pigeons.


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Early Years  -  Into Politics
On (and off) The Front Bench  -  Active Backbencher  -  Member for North West Hampshire
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