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In September 2000, Sir George resigned from the Shadow Cabinet to allow his name to go forward as a candidate for Speaker, but he was defeated by the successful candidate, Michael Martin. In the new Parliament, following the General Election of 2001, Sir George showed there were no hard feelings, proposing that Michael Martin be re-elected Speaker. Having been on his Party's Front Bench for 20 out of 34 years in the House, he then enjoyed (for a time) the freedom that goes with being on the backbenches.

Dragging Speaker Martin to the Chair in 2001

Sir George was elected Chairman of the Select Committee on Standards and Privileges in 2001, a post which now has to be held by a senior member of the Opposition. He was re-elected to that position in July 2005. In September 2009 he joined David Cameron's shadow cabinet as Shadow Leader of the House of Commons. In the September 2012 reshuffle, Sir George returned to the backbenches.

At the third anniversary of the Disability Rights Commission, May 2003 with Sir Richard Mottram (l), Perm Sec at Work and Pension, and Bert Massie, Chair of DRC.

Sir George speaks regularly in the House of Commons, on a wide range of subjects. As a Select Committee Chairman, he also had an opportunity to question the Prime Minister directly, at the PM's regulary meetings with the Commons Liaison Committee, a new procedure that started after a decision of the House on 14th May 2002.

Sir George speaking in the House
in a debate on the Iraq war

Starting in 2001, when most people hadn't yet heard the term "Broadband", Sir George's 'Broadband for Rural Areas' campaign drew considerable media attention and generated excellent results, with BT and the Government becoming much more positive in their policies. All the villages in North West Hampshire have had their exchanges "enabled" by BT, but Sir George continues to campaign with Government, industry and local authorities in support of those people and businesses in rural areas who still cannot get broadband, or cannot get a sufficiently fast and reliable service. He also continues to pursue the issue of how rural areas will get the much faster 'broaderband' services that will be needed for some of the most exciting applications, already available in cities and now being rolled out in major towns such as Basingstoke.

The 'angry phone user' - symbol of
Sir George Young's broadband campaign

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