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The Young Family Summary Profile

George and Aurelia met in 1962 while he was an undergraduate and Aurelia was living with her parents on Boars Hill, just outside Oxford. Her father was Oscar Nemon, who sculpted the Queen, the Churchills,
Margaret Thatcher and other famous people.
Her mother, Patricia, was the daughter of an Army
officer and grew up at Beachamwell in Norfolk. 

Oscar Nemon's sculpture of Winston and 'Clemmie'


Aurelia's father, the sculptor Oscar Nemon, at work sculpting the Youngs elder daughter, Sophia, at their home in Cookham. (In between her sittings for Oscar Nemon, Margaret Thatcher found herself sitting opposite Sir George in the Member's Dining Room. During a lull in the conversation, he lent over the table and asked "Margaret, how is your bust coming on?" Fellow diners marvelled at his courage.)

Oxford encounter . . .

"How sweet, how fair, and lovely her aspècts are!
Her eyes, like bright Eoan flames, shoot through me." (Fletcher, 1647: The Prophetess - Maximinian speaks of his love for Aurelia)


. . . engagement (November 1963).
The question was put in the second interval of a
performance of Verdi's Don Carlos at Covent Garden. (Forty years after they got married, their four children - who had reason to be grateful for Aurelia's acceptance - sent their parents on a holiday to Vienna to see the same opera.)


. . . and wedding (1964)

In the background, Oscar Nemon's head of
Her Majesty The Queen,
Christ Church Hall, Oxford.

George and Aurelia were married in Christ Church Cathedral
in Oxford. His brother Charles was best man, and his sister
Helen (standing on his left) led the bridesmaids.

After  they married, George and Aurelia lived in
Lambeth while they rebuilt the family home at
Cookham in Berkshire. On inheriting it and having it surveyed, it was found to be in poor condition and
slipping into the river Thames, on whose banks it was
built. They knocked it down, rebuilt it and moved in
in1971. Following George's election as Member for
North West Hampshire, they now live at Penton Mewsey,
in the Constituency near Andover.

George and Aurelia have four children:
Sophia (1965) Gerry (1966) Hugo (1970)
and Camilla (1975).

Aurelia was active in politics and served as a Councillor
at Lambeth, alongside George and Councillor John Major
from 1968 to 1971. She was a Member of the Inner
London Education Authority and of Windsor and Maidenhead
District Council. She has also served on the Governing Bodies
of a number of schools and was on the Board of Visitors of
Feltham Young Offenders Institution.
She is now busy researching into her father's life and giving a series of lectures about him.

The Youngs are a formidable campaigning team, seen here
after his re-election as Member for Acton, in April 1979.


Aurelia is active in the North West Hampshire
constituency, being President of the League of Friends
at Andover Hospital. She is President of the North
West Hampshire Conservative Women's Consultative
Committee, and has organised three Balls to raise
funds for Conservatives in Hampshire.

At the Christmas Fair, Monxton, to raise funds for Amport School, November 2002.

A keen gardener, conscientious grandmother and
supportive MP's wife, Aurelia is fairly busy. Perhaps
her most challenging task to date was as a mobile
midwife - delivering one of her grandchildren on the
back seat of George's car, while they were driving
daughter Sophia to the maternity ward!

Alexander (the back seat arrival) at his Christening
in the House of Commons Crypt. His second name
is Sterling - after the car in which he was born. Ray Whettingsteel, Rector of Penton, performed the honours.

George and Aurelia getting the beat at one
of the Hampshire Balls she has organised.

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