During Parliamentary sessions I usually need to be in Westminster from Monday to Thursday, or Friday morning, but I live in the Constituency and I'm here almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and delighted to be invited to local events, in addition to my regular visits to local schools, companies, public services and churches. You can see all my future and past constituency engagements in the diary page at this site (click here), or you can see a selection of my activities and interests, as well as local information and links, by clicking on any of the place names listed below. Please do suggest other events I should attend or visits you think I should make - just send me an email at sirgeorge@sirgeorgeyoung.org.uk with the details. And if you know about local links or information you think should be included in my web site, please let me know about that too!

To see where all these places are in North West Hampshire, visit the map pages here.

Abbotts Ann and Little Ann
Amport, Monxton and East Cholderton
Appleshaw and Clanville
Ashe, Deane and Malshanger
Ashford Hill with Headley
Baughurst and Wolverton
Burgclere, Newtown, Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green
East Woodhay and Woolton Hill
Enham Alamein, Little London and Smannell
Goodworth Clatford, Upper Clatford and Anna Valley
Grateley and Quarley
Highclere, Ashmansworth and Crux Easton
Hurstbourne Tarrant with Upton and Ibthorpe
Linkenholt and Faccombe
Monk Sherborne and Ramsdell
North Waltham
Oakley, Wootton St Lawrence and Newfound
Overton, Laverstoke and Freefolk
Sherborne St John and Rooksdown
Shipton Bellinger
St Mary Bourne, Hurstbourne Priors and Stoke and Binley
Tangley, Hatherden and Wildhern
The Pentons and Weyhill
Thruxton, Fyfield and Kimpton
Vernham Dean
Whitchurch, Litchfield and Tufton

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