Abbotts Ann and Little Ann
The area round Abbotts Ann and Little Ann has been settled by man since at least 50BC when the forests that covered this area were cleared for cultivation. The name is believed to derive from a Celtic word meaning "Ash tree stream" - the present Pilhill Brook. The area has some of the most attractive thatched cottages in this part of England. If you visit St Mary's Church, look for the "Virgins' Garlands", which accompanied to the grave a maid or a youth who led an unspotted life and died before they were married. St Mary's is thought to be one of the last churches to end this practice, which at one time was common in our countryside.

The range of activities in today's lively village can be seen at the village website (linked below).

The picture shows a happy occasion at the church with the bellringers when I was lucky enough to get the nearest guess of the weight of the number 4 bell, and awarded half a bottle of Scotch!

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12 Oct 2014 Abbotts Ann celebrates Apple Day
2 Aug 2014 Abbotts Ann holds WW1 Exhibition
17 Feb 2014 Businesses contact Sir George for details of Flood Assistance
20 Oct 2013 Sir George opens Abbotts Ann Apple Press
25 Nov 2012 Bishop blesses Handbells and Roof at Abbotts Ann
28 Sep 2012 Macmillan Coffee Mornings in NW Hants
2 Jun 2012 Abbotts Ann celebrates Diamond Jubilee
25 Mar 2012 Abbotts Ann raises Funds for new Pavilion
30 Sep 2011 Coffee Morning held at Farleigh
24 Jul 2011 League of Friends holds Fund-raising Barbecue
24 Sep 2010 Macmillan Coffee Morning at Farleigh raises Funds
4 Sep 2010 Abbotts Ann hold Fete and Show
9 Jul 2010 Abbotts Ann School Officially Opened
3 Jul 2010 The Eagle voted Pub of the Year by CAMRA
28 May 2010 Sir George opens Village Shop extension
25 Sep 2009 Sir George visits Macmillan Coffee Mornings
5 Feb 2009 Susan Hibbert dies
26 Sep 2008 Macmillan Coffee Morning held at Farleigh School
6 Sep 2008 Abbotts Ann hold Village Fete
28 Sep 2007 Sir George backs the World's Biggest Coffee Morning
1 Sep 2007 STOPP Campaign goes to Abbotts Ann Fete
1 Sep 2007 Abbotts Ann hold Fete & Show
24 Aug 2007 Airfield Campaign holds a Third Public Meeting
10 Aug 2007 County Councillor weighs in against Tesco
8 Aug 2007 The politicians talk to the camera
8 Aug 2007 Tesco Protest hits the TV News
4 Aug 2007 Andover Airfield Campaign build up Momentum
1 Aug 2007 Penton Grafton Parish Council host Public meeting on Airfield
14 Jun 2007 Abbotts Ann WI celebrates 90 years
2 Mar 2007 Sir George pulls a pint at Poplar Farm
21 Feb 2007 MP expresses concern about Andover Airfield
21 Feb 2007 Demonstration in Red Post Lane against Tesco plans
7 Feb 2007 Abbotts Ann in Final of Best Rural Retailer Competition
14 Jan 2007 Sir George replies to Gordon Brown on English Question
19 Dec 2006 Abbotts Ann has best village shop in the South
29 Sep 2006 Macmillan Coffee Morning held at Farleigh School
2 Sep 2006 Abbotts Ann holds Village Fete and Show
3 Nov 2005 Tories hold Anna Ward in By-Election
7 Oct 2005 Madding Crowd commemorate Nelson in St Marys, Abbotts Ann
30 Sep 2005 Sir George visits Macmillan Coffee at Farleigh
13 Sep 2005 Sir George pays tribute to Cllr Margot Townsend
3 Sep 2005 Abbotts Ann hold Village Fete and Flower Show
15 Jul 2005 Abbotts Ann Tories hold Summer Barbecue; Sir George holds straw poll on Leadership
19 Apr 2005 The campaign moves to Burghclere Down and Abbotts Ann
19 Apr 2005 Goodworth Clatford and the Stations round off the day
23 Jan 2005 Abbotts Ann Conservatives hold New Year Drinks Party
24 Sep 2004 Sir George joins Macmillan Organisers for Coffee
16 Jul 2004 Abbotts Ann Tories hold barbecue
24 Jan 2004 Burghclere, St Mary Bourne close to Broadband target
16 Jan 2004 Sir George warns on local income tax (Test Valley version)
5 Nov 2003 Abbotts Ann new web site
23 Sep 2003 Kingsclere win Calor Hampshire Village of the Year Competition
6 Sep 2003 Abbotts Ann hold Village Fete
11 Jul 2003 Broadband - Good News for Dummer and Monk Sherborne
23 Apr 2003 Broadband: Progress in North West Hampshire
17 Jan 2003 Sir George visits Redrice Health & Fitness
12 Jan 2003 Abbotts Ann hold New Year Drinks Party
7 Sep 2002 Abbotts Ann open Village Shop
22 Jun 2002 Abbotts Ann celebrates Jubilee.
22 Mar 2002 School children bury time capsule at Abbotts Ann
20 Jan 2002 Abbotts Ann Conservatives hold reception
2 Sep 2001 Abbotts Ann Auction raises £12000 for Village Shop
1 Sep 2001 Abbotts Ann hold Village Fete
6 Jul 2001 Can I use material from your site in our local village website?
9 Jun 2001 How do I get a link to my site from your site?
Local Links
Abbots Ann and Little Ann Website
An active community website with lots of interesting material, pictures etc. Sometimes the site is rather slow to download but its worth being patient for!
Parish Magazine
Launched with the November 2003 edition, the parish magazine site tells how to get published in the magazine, how to advertise, how to subscribe and other useful details. The site also has links to other Abbotts Ann and local web sites.
St Mary's Church
The church website includes a fascinating page on "The Virgins' Crowns", plus a list of the rectors dating from as early as 1379. Curiously, it says nothing about any church services!
History of Abbotts Ann
Interesting historical detail and photographs at the rootsweb genealogy site.
Abbotts Ann and Little Ann Village web site
Photographs, maps and local information, including the very interesting Village Shop programme.
Abbotts Ann Womens Institute
Including the programme for the year.
Abbotts Ann online forum
Discussion and questions around the village

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