Burgclere, Newtown, Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green
Burghclere and the neighbouring villages include parts of the North Wessex Downs area of "outstanding natural beauty", with several "sites of special scientific interest". Alongside - but well hidden from - the busy A34 trunk road and the A339 Basingstoke to Newbury road, its still easy to get lost among the narrow, winding country lanes. But don't be fooled: the peace and tranquillity belie a network of active and social communities. One dark cloud on the local horizon is the potential impact of traffic connecting the A34 with the proposed logistics depot at Greenham.

My picture, the Carnarvon Arms on the old A34, is courtesy of Badgers Heritage.

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29 Jun 2014 Battlefield Expert gives talk on 1914, the Summer the World Died.
4 May 2014 Ecchinswell holds May Fayre
5 May 2013 Ecchinswell holds Charity May Fair
14 Dec 2012 Bishops Green Regeneration Project Completed
22 Sep 2012 Ecchinswell raises Funds with Croquet Tournament
17 Jun 2012 Village Fetes get under way
4 Jun 2012 Bishops Green holds Picnic on the Green
6 May 2012 Sir George launches Macmillan Walk on Watership Down
21 Aug 2011 Newtown raises £750 for local church
31 Mar 2010 Sir George launches next phase of Bishops Green Regeneration
29 Sep 2009 Sir George opens new Outdoor Environmental Learning Unit at Ecchinswell School
21 Sep 2009 Ladies Tennis raises Funds for Church
3 May 2009 Ecchinswell hold May Fest
3 May 2009 Macmillan organise Watership Down walk
25 Apr 2009 Burghclere Councillors give Presentation on Highclere Enabling Development
4 Apr 2009 Burghclere holds Spring Show
20 Mar 2009 Sir George visits Burghclere School
22 Jun 2008 Ronaldo opens Ecchinswell fete
31 May 2008 Another North Hampshire Pub closes - but is now re-opening
23 May 2008 Bishops Green Regenration Phase 1 Completed
23 May 2008 Bishops Green Regeneration (continued)
4 May 2008 Sir George launches Watership Down Walk
4 Aug 2007 Burghclere holds Flower Show
10 Jun 2007 Burghclere celebrates Ken Kelley's MBE
10 Jun 2007 Burghclere celebrates Ken Kelley's MBE (part 2)
6 May 2007 Sir George walks for Macmillan Cancer Support
4 May 2007 Sir George visits Lime Quarry with Wildlife Trust
3 May 2007 Clere School says Farewell to Kath Page
14 Apr 2007 Sir George presents prizes at Burghclere
17 Nov 2006 The regeneration of Bishops Green begins
9 Sep 2006 Newtown celebrates Village Hall Centenary
5 Aug 2006 Burghclere and Newtown hold Horticultural Show
11 Apr 2006 Sir George and Richard Benyon chair meeting on ProLogis, Greenham Park
10 Mar 2006 Zac Goldsmith talks to local Tories
25 Nov 2005 Carnarvon Arms, Burghclere is re-opened
12 Nov 2005 Bishops Green hold Fun Day
5 Nov 2005 Organ playing marathon to raise funds at Burghclere
7 May 2005 Burghclere celebrates 50th Annual Crowning of the May Queen
7 May 2005 Maypole dancing and Procession
29 Apr 2005 The Campaign moves to North Hampshire
20 Apr 2005 The team moves on to Ecchinswell, Bishops Green and Burghclere
15 Apr 2005 The canvassing team sweeps through Burghclere, Woolton Hill and Penwood.
9 Apr 2005 Sir George looks in at Burghclere Spring Flower Show
4 Dec 2004 Sir George attends Burghclere PreSchool & Toddler Group Christmas Fayre
7 Aug 2004 Horticultural Shows in NW Hampshire
31 Jul 2004 Sir George opens Burghclere Church Fete
3 Jul 2004 Sir George looks in on Clere Festival
13 Jun 2004 Sir George opens Ecchinswell Church Fete
3 Jun 2004 Sir George urges the Forestry Commission to re-think on Pen Wood Rally
1 Jun 2004 Sir George meets residents at Pen Wood
8 May 2004 Penwood Motor Cycle Rally Fears - more news
1 May 2004 Sir George opens new Music School at Horris Hill
27 Apr 2004 Kingsclere ADSL: an incorrect trigger number?
12 Apr 2004 Burghclere hits Broadband target
6 Mar 2004 Local Tories hold Quiz Evening
24 Jan 2004 Burghclere, St Mary Bourne close to Broadband target
23 Jan 2004 Sir George launches Broadband in Kingsclere
21 Dec 2003 Newtown raises money for Naomi House
11 Dec 2003 Clere School holds Christmas concert
13 Nov 2003 Sir George launches Technology College Status at Clere School
4 Oct 2003 Newtown hold Harvest Supper
9 Aug 2003 Burghclere holds Flower Show
9 Aug 2003 Sir George visits site of proposed Telecommunications Mast
11 Jul 2003 Broadband - Good News for Dummer and Monk Sherborne
15 Jun 2003 Ecchinswell raises funds for St Lawrence's Church.
23 Apr 2003 Broadband: Progress in North West Hampshire
28 Feb 2003 Congratulations Highclere - and Woolton Hill, Burghclere . . .
2 Sep 2002 Sir George responds to Greenham Common decision
10 Aug 2002 Bughclere holds Flower Show
29 Jun 2002 Roundup of weekend fetes - Clere & Vernham Dean
2 Jun 2002 More Jubilee Celebrations
19 May 2002 Service of Thanksgiving at All Saints, Old Burghclere
10 Apr 2002 Basingstoke and Deane - Time for a Better Deal
2 Oct 2001 Parish Councils combine to oppose Sainsbury's Depot
20 Sep 2001 Highclere mourns the Earl of Carnarvon
12 Sep 2001 Sir George pays tribute to Lord Carnarvon
12 Sep 2001 Sainsbury's respond on traffic flows
12 Sep 2001 Sainsbury's respond on traffic flows (2)_
15 Apr 2005 What is happening about Penwood crossroads?
23 Mar 2005 Is this The Bicycling Baronet?
Local Links
Burghclere Village website
The Burghclere web site has many pages covering interesting aspects of the village and the surrounding area. One important missing feature is any kind of 'contact' for the website, so it seems impossible to let them know about one or two errors I found!
Wayfarers' Walk
This seventy mile long distance path passes alongside Burghclere and Sydmonton on its way from Coombe Gibbet to the coast. Near Sydmonton it passes Watership Down.
Sydmonton and Ecchinswell in 1859
Fascinating historical snapshots at the Kingsclere website.
"The Real Watership Down"
A collection of pictures and information about this beautiful area near Ecchinswell, made famous by Richard Adams' book.
The Watership Down Webring
A network of websites for devotees of the Richard Adams book.
Beacon Hill
One of the most well known and well preserved Saxon Hill Forts in England. Within the fort boundary is the tomb of the fifth Earl of Carnarvon, who funded the exhibition that discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, 1922.
Local councillor - Basingstoke and Deane Council
This website isn't currently responding - I have emailed him to check (25 November 2003)

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