Whitchurch, Litchfield and Tufton
People first settled at Whitchurch in the Iron Age, and the town is listed and described in William the Conqueror's Domesday Book. Through it flows the Test, one of the world's finest trout streams. Today's Whitchurch is a town of around 4000 residents, with shops, light industry and the Silk Mill - an important Hampshire visitor attraction as well as the producer of fine quality silks.

Litchfield - also mentioned in the Domesday Book - lies three miles to the North of Whitchurch. St James' church has parts that date from the Norman period but was thoroughly restored in Victorian times. A mile South of Whitchurch lies the little village of Tufton, whose church of St Mary also dates from Norman times.

Pictured is All Hallows, Whitchurch.

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21 Sep 2014 Whitchurch holds Country Show
26 Jul 2014 Pillbox restored in Whitchurch
12 Jul 2014 Sir George opens Whitchurch Parish Fete
17 May 2014 Tufton Church holds Flower Festival
29 Mar 2014 Military Wives raise Funds for Young People
28 Feb 2014 Sir George opens Flood Relief Road to Litchfield
15 Feb 2014 Sir George visits villages threatened by floods
7 Nov 2013 Patient Day Event at House of Commons
22 Sep 2013 Whitchurch holds Country Fair at Silk Mill
4 Aug 2013 Forest Edge Kart Club (2)
4 Aug 2013 Forest Edge Kart Club hold Championship Round 6
13 Jul 2013 Local Fetes get under way
15 Jun 2013 Gardens open in Whitchurch
19 Mar 2013 Roy Dykes meets PM and receives Arctic Medal
5 Oct 2012 Duke of Wellington celebrates 25 years of Seeviours Court
28 Sep 2012 MP's visit Wind Turbine Site
18 Aug 2012 Whitchurch Council launches Allotment Competition
21 Jun 2012 Local resident lobbies Sir George on Asthma
14 Apr 2012 John Buckley takes councillors for a ride (on their bikes)
24 Mar 2012 Whitchurch honours Arctic Heroes
29 Jan 2012 Hampshire Potato Day
28 Dec 2011 Olympic Torch Petition handed to Sir George
1 Oct 2011 Bike Ride helps fund Youth Centre
18 Feb 2011 Sir George visits Whitchurch Primary School for Greek Democracy Day
4 Jan 2011 Whitchurch win Race to Infinity
4 Dec 2010 Sir George backs Whitchurch Broadband Campaign
9 Jul 2010 Whitchurch Pupils send their Friend to School
12 Jun 2010 Silk Mill holds Hat Exhibition
17 May 2010 Richard Adams celebrates 90th Birthday
27 Mar 2010 Whitchurch marks Earth Hour
22 Jan 2010 Sir George launches Heritage Trail
16 Jan 2010 Richard Adams recognised by Whitchurch Arts
10 Dec 2009 Whitchurch holds meeting to keep bank
23 Nov 2009 HSBC reply to Sir George on Whitchurch Bank
28 Mar 2009 Whitchurch celebrates Earth Hour
21 Mar 2009 Sir George challenges closure of Whitchurch Delivery Office
30 Jan 2009 Sir George goes on the beat in Overton
16 Nov 2008 Watership Down Exhibition
14 Nov 2008 Sir David launches his book in Hampshire
11 Oct 2008 Sir George re-opens Whitchurch Parish Hall
12 Jul 2008 Whitchurch holds Parish Fete
4 Dec 2007 Sir George gets progress report on station car parking
9 Nov 2007 Sir George opens E-office in Whitchurch
21 Sep 2007 400 more car parking spaces for local stations, MP is told
9 Sep 2007 Whitchurch holds Landscape Day
13 Jul 2007 Sir George backs Proud of Pubs Week
11 May 2007 Whitchurch Delivery Office is saved.
4 Jan 2007 Local Artist paints State Opening of Parliament
9 Dec 2006 Sir George opens Brockenhurst Office in Whitchurch
9 Dec 2006 Mayor of Whitchurch switches on Christmas Lights
1 Dec 2006 Sir George opens Bere Hill House
14 Oct 2006 Sir George backs Campaign to protect local NHS Services
11 Oct 2006 Commander Roy Dykes wins Arctic Emblem
8 Jul 2006 Whitchurch Parish Fete held at The Lawn
16 Jun 2006 Sir George congratulates Whitchurch on Regional Award
15 Dec 2005 Testbourne School visit Palace of Westminster
9 Dec 2005 Sir George opens Wessex Lodge
3 Dec 2005 Mayor of Whitchurch switches on lights
30 Nov 2005 Whitchurch Association Goes Online
12 Nov 2005 Sir George speaks at Whitchurch Supper
2 Nov 2005 Trade Justice Movement lobbies Sir George
15 Sep 2005 Sir George backs Blood Pressure week
25 Jul 2005 Sir George attends talks on local ambulance service
4 May 2005 The last day of the campaign in spent in Whitchurch & Clere
26 Apr 2005 Lady Young re-opens Silk Mill Bridge
25 Apr 2005 The day starts in Whitchurch
19 Apr 2005 Goodworth Clatford and the Stations round off the day
9 Apr 2005 Sir George joins campaign to save Whitchurch Sorting Office
9 Apr 2005 The Conservatives finish their first full day with a sweep through Whitchurch
8 Apr 2005 Sir George visits Whitchurch Art Display
22 Feb 2005 Sir George pursues Royal Mail over proposed closure of Whitchurch Sorting Office
27 Nov 2004 Whitchurch Town Association is launched
25 Sep 2004 Sir George launches Fundraising Cycle Ride
25 Aug 2004 Sir George welcomes news on Whitchurch Post Office - and moves on to next challenge
17 Jul 2004 Sir George plants Oak Tree at Day Nursery
10 Jul 2004 Sir George looks in on two more fetes
19 Jun 2004 Doctor Bike at Whitchurch
17 Jun 2004 Rev Kelvin Inglis inducted at All Hallows, Whitchurch
5 May 2004 Sir George seeks guarantees on Whitchurch Post Office
1 May 2004 Bishop dedicates Golden Jubilee Memorial in Whitchurch
24 Apr 2004 Sir George attends Whitchurch Healthcheck Day
24 Jan 2004 Sir George attends Whitchurch Potato Day
12 Dec 2003 Barclays gives £10,000 to Testbourne School
5 Oct 2003 Whitchurch bids farewell to Michael & Marian Grylls
28 Sep 2003 Sir George talks about council tax and alternatives
6 Sep 2003 Whitchurch hold Healthcheck Information Day
21 Jul 2003 Sir George visits Testbourne School
11 Jul 2003 Broadband - Good News for Dummer and Monk Sherborne
28 Jun 2003 Whitchurch hands over Trade Justice petition
20 Jun 2003 Sir George to receive petitions on Justice in Trade
9 Jun 2003 Good news for Whitchurch, Overton and Weyhill - Broadband campaign rolls on
30 May 2003 ADSL Broadband - progress update
23 Apr 2003 Broadband: Progress in North West Hampshire
14 Apr 2003 ADSL target announced for Whitchurch
11 Apr 2003 Sir George's views on Berehill House
2 Mar 2003 Bishop of Winchester preaches at Litchfield Church
28 Jan 2003 Sir George presses Ministers on rail improvements
27 Aug 2002 Sir George welcomes quieter surface on A34 at Whitchurch
21 Jul 2002 Local Vicar celebrates Diamond wedding
2 Jul 2002 Two cheers for BT on Broadband Initiative
27 Jun 2002 Andover Primary Schools hold Athletics Meeting
4 Jun 2002 More Jubilee Events in North Hampshire Villages
10 Apr 2002 Basingstoke and Deane - Time for a Better Deal
5 Apr 2002 Campaign for better parking at Whitchurch station gathers momentum
17 Mar 2002 Whitchurch says Farewell to Brian Tims
29 Dec 2001 Noise from A34 to be tackled near Whitchurch
17 Nov 2001 Whitchurch School holds Art Exhibition to raise funds
9 Nov 2001 Sir George calls for truce on graveside war
23 Mar 2005 Is this The Bicycling Baronet?
6 Jul 2001 Can I use material from your site in our local village website?
9 Jun 2001 How do I get a link to my site from your site?
Local Links
Litchfield Village
With details of the Village Fete - including Horse Show and Dog Show!
Whitchurch Town Council
The Town Council's pages at Hantsweb include sections on Geography, History, Distinctive Character and Visual Attractions. Future meeting dates and more active information can be found in the Whitchurch Online Parish Magazine pages.
Whitchurch Online Parish Magazine
The lively online Parish Magazine and website for Whitchurch with Tufton and Litchfield. The site includes "Churches Together in Whitchurch", the Town Council, and the History Society.
The Whitchurch Web
Lots of energy in Whitchurch, which now has no less than four websites serving the town, of which this is the newest, organised by the recently formed Whitchurch Association.
Testbourne Community School
Tesbourne is a mixed comprehensive school for pupils aged 11-16 with approximately 600 pupils on roll. When last checked (early April 2004) there appeared to be some problem with either the server or the site?
Rising Fives
Pre-schooling for children in the Whitchurch area from 2 years 9 months until they go to school.
The Whitchurch Ramblers
The Ramblers meet at 7 p.m. in Bell Street Car Park (or as advertised at the website) every Wednesday evening from mid-April to mid-September; they also have daytime walks one Sunday a month year round. The website has a calendar showing where each walk w
Whitchurch Silk Mill
Built two hundred years ago and now a working museum open to visitors all year round except Christmas week.

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