Ashe, Deane and Malshanger
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The villages of Ashe and Deane lie alongside the B3400 road from Whitchurch to Basingstoke. I have yet to learn why the district council area, which stretches up to the borders of Berkshire, is named for the combination of its main town (Basingstoke) and a small neighbouring village, Deane!

Ashe itself may not be well known outside the immediate area but people in restaurants across the UK see the name Ashe Park on the excellent mineral water drawn from deep wells nearby. As far back as 1894 the sale particulars for Ashe Park mention 'an unfailing supply of excellent water from a deep well'.

The picture, courtesy of Badgers Heritage, shows St Andrew's Church at Ashe.

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Local Links
Ashe Village Website
Congratulations on the launch of the Ashe site, perhaps the smallest village in the constituency with its own website. There's a page dedicated to "the Quiet Garden", opened regularly as an act of Ministry by Simon & Diana Wainman.
North Waltham, Steventon, Ashe & Deane Local History Society
The Society normally meets at 8-00pm on the third Thursday of the month at North Waltham School.
Saxton's Hampshire, 1575
A delightful segment of a Hampshire map from 1575, showing Ashe and Deane, at the University of Portsmouth Geography Department web site.
Oakley Football Club
The club's home ground is at Malshanger.
Retreats at Malshanger
One of England's most active church communities, Holy Trinity Brompton, has established a retreat centre at Malshanger.

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