Shipton Bellinger
The village's name is thought to derive from "Sceap Tun", Saxon for a sheep farm, and indeed the rearing of sheep was the mainstay of the local economy for centuries and until nearby Tidworth became an important military base at the start of the twentieth century. The population of the parish has increased almost ten fold since then. Shipton parish is at the very edge of Hampshire, and is almost surrounded by the Wiltshire county border, at the edge of Salisbury Plain. St Peter's church, restored in 1879, has origins in at least the 14th century, probably earlier - today's structure retains much of the 17th century church. The peal of bells has hung for some four centuries, though the Andover Guild of Bellringers reports them as "unringable" (see web link below)?

Sketch of The Boot is courtesy of Badgers Heritage.

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15 Feb 2014 Sir George visits villages threatened by floods
8 Jun 2013 Shipton Bellinger holds Fete
6 Jul 2012 New Classroom opened at Shipton Bellinger
8 Jul 2011 Shipton Bellinger School discusses World War 11
11 Jun 2011 Fete Season under Way
13 Jun 2009 Shipton Bellinger hold Fete
13 Mar 2009 Sir George opens new Library at Shipton Bellinger
24 Aug 2007 Airfield Campaign holds a Third Public Meeting
10 Aug 2007 County Councillor weighs in against Tesco
8 Aug 2007 Tesco Protest hits the TV News
1 Aug 2007 Penton Grafton Parish Council host Public meeting on Airfield
27 Jul 2007 Penton Mewsey Parish Council holds meeting on Airfield Development
16 Jun 2007 Sir George to intervene on Shipton Bellinger Post Office
16 Jun 2007 Shipton Bellinger holds Fete
26 Nov 2006 Sir George opens Shipton Bellinger Christmas Fayre
27 Nov 2005 Sir George open Shipton Bellinger School Christmas Fayre
11 Jun 2005 Sir George opens Shipton Bellinger Village fete
5 Nov 2004 Sir George welcomes decision by Environment Agency to ‘enmain’ local rivers and watercourses
17 Oct 2003 Environment Agency holds meeting for Flood Wardens
23 Sep 2003 Andover meeting discussed village flooding
14 Jun 2003 Shipton Bellinger holds Village Fete
10 Jan 2003 Sir George visits floods in Shipton Bellinger
8 Jun 2002 Shipton Bellinger hold Jubilee Fete
27 Sep 2001 Sir Christopher opens Festival of Flowers
3 Jan 2003 What is the latest on flooding in Hampshire
Local Links
Shipton Bellinger Village website
Hosted at Hantsnet, the site has information about local clubs and societies, plus a history of the village. Sadly, the site seems to not be updated very frequently - parish council minutes end in 2000.
Guild of Bellringers
The Andover District page lists St Peter's Bells as being "unringable"?
Retrospective Accreditation Services
This Shipton-based company assists Service and ex-Service personnel to convert their service training and experience into civilian qualifications.
Hampshire Aromatherapy Centre
Web page of this Shipton-based service.

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